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5 Signs That Your Cat Is Healthy

February 15, 2020
February is National Cat Health Month! Our feline pals are known for being quite easy keepers. Fluffy will groom herself, doesn’t need walks, and will spend the vast majority of her time sleeping. However, your furry buddy does need more than food and water to stay healthy. In this article, a Lakewood Ranch, FL vet lists some signs that your kitty is doing pretty well.

Good Exam Results

First and foremost, the best way to know if your feline friend is healthy is to take her to the vet. Regular exams are very important, as they often reveal medical issues developing early on. Of course, you’ll also need to keep up with your kitty’s vaccinations and parasite control, as well as her dental care needs.


Kitties are very playful, which is one of their most adorable traits. If your furry buddy loves to pounce on things and/or race around the house, she’s probably in pretty good shape. (Tip: if you have a super frisky feline, you may want to do some petproofing.)


You can get a pretty good idea of your cat’s overall health just by looking at her. Healthy kitties have soft, clean fur; clear eyes; and a good body condition. If you aren’t sure whether your pet is obese, try feeling her ribs. If you can’t feel them at all, or can barely feel them, you may have a furry little butterball on your hands. If Fluffy’s ribs are protruding, however, she may be underweight.


By cattitude, we don’t mean that growling, hissing, or acting aggressive are good signs. We’re talking more about the way kitties act when they are, well, a bit spoiled. Fluffy may steal your chair, sprawl out in the middle of the floor, or meow at you with a slightly annoyed tone if you’re late with her dinner. Or, she may refuse to cuddle when you want to pet her, only to hop onto your computer to demand attention when you’re busy.


Our feline buddies are notorious for being curious, if not downright nosy. If Fluffy tends to poke her nose into anything new you bring home, and likes to keep an eye on her domain and her humans, it’s a good sign!

Does your cat need an exam, vaccinations, or parasite control? Contact us, your local Lakewood Ranch, FL vet clinic, today!

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