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Working Out With Fido

June 16, 2020
Are you trying to get in shape? Do you make exercise part of your daily regimen? If so, why not include your canine companion in your routine? Fido can make a great workout buddy! Here, a Sarasota, FL vet discusses working out with dogs.


Walks are the basic standard for doggy workouts. Just keep in mind that Fido could get painful paw burns from walking on hot sidewalks. Keep him on soft ground as much as possible, and use paw balm to protect his feet.


Some dogs, such as Greyhounds, are natural runners. If you like jogging, you may very well be able to take your pet with you. You’ll need to build Fido’s endurance up slowly. At first, alternate walking and running. Then, slowly increase the time of the running intervals. Always bring water along, and offer your furry friend some regularly.


Swimming can be a great workout for Fido. The water will support his weight, so it’s easy on his bones and joints. This is also a good way for your pooch to cool off on hot days. Keep a close eye on your pup. Never leave him unattended near water, even just for a minute.

Home Workouts

Do you prefer working out at home? Fido may join in whether you want him to or not! Grab a dog toy before doing sit ups. Toss the toy before leaning back. If you time it right, he’ll bring it back as you sit up again. You can also do variations of this with squats and lunges. Of course, your furry best buddy may not be that helpful if you are doing yoga. Dogs often see yoga workouts as opportunities to offer smooches. This may not help your balance as you’re trying to master a specific position, but it will keep you smiling!


All of our canine pals have unique exercise needs. For example, brachycephalic dogs should not be encouraged to run or swim, while large dogs can damage their hips by standing or jumping too much. Ask your vet for specific advice. Also, take care not to overexert your pup. If you see him panting or lagging behind, immediately give him some water and take him in.

Please feel free to contact us if ever we can be of assistance. As your Sarasota, FL vet clinic, we are here for you!
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