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Apartment Care for Cats

July 1, 2020

Cats are great options for apartment dwellers. While many complexes allow either only small dogs, or don’t allow dogs at all, there are many more options for people with kitties. This makes purrfect sense: after all, Fluffy is small, clean, and quiet, and doesn’t need to be walked. She also doesn’t need a lot of room. However, you will need to take a few steps to keep your feline buddy happy and content at home. A Lakewood Ranch, FL vet offers a few tips on this below.

Window View

Cats don’t mind staying indoors, but they do love looking out windows. Watching birds and squirrels is actually great entertainment for your furry friend. Just make sure your window closes securely. If you have blinds, you may want to take them down and get something else. Fluffy has a way of making herself a ‘door’ in blinds. This can be dangerous, as she could get tangled up. Plus, it will ruin the blinds!

Kitty Comforts

Small touches will help keep your feline pal happy and purring. If you leave Fluffy home alone when you’re at work, leave a radio on for her. You can also try streaming some TV shows made just for kitties. If you’ll be out after dark, turn a light on for your furball. Keep the climate control going as well. Last but not least, provide your cat with plenty of toys, napping spots, and kitty furniture, as well as the occasional empty box or paper bag.


Do you have a screened-in porch or patio? This is a great spot for a catio! Add some potted trees, like Ponytail palms, Rubber trees, or Areca palms. Some other pet-safe plants are African violets, Boston ferns, Rubber tree plants, and Spider plants. You can also create a little herb garden. Many common herbs, such as parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme, are fine. Don’t forget the catnip! You’ll find more pet-safe plants listed at the ASPCA website here .

Veterinary Care

Fluffy will be much safer as an indoor pet, but she won’t be immune to illness and injury. Your furry pal will still need to see the vet regularly. We recommend that most kitties come in at least once a year. However, you’ll want to get more specific advice from Fluffy’s doctor.

Please contact us, your Lakewood Ranch, FL vet clinic, anytime. We’re here to help! 

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