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Walking Your Dog

September 15, 2020

Does your dog get super excited when it’s time for a walk? If so, you’re not alone. Those daily walks are of course necessary for sanitary reasons. They’re also a great way for you and Fido to get outdoors, stay active, and just spend time together. A Sarasota, FL vet discusses walking Fido below.


Clip a carabiner onto the end of Fido’s leash. That way, if you want to stop to talk, you can easily clip him to a post or tree. (Note: never leave your dog unattended.)

Paw Check

Florida pavement can get scorching hot in summer. Try to stick to soft ground as much as you can. You can also use paw balm or wax to protect Fido’s cute paws. Also, keep an eye on the terrain, and steer your furry pal around things like broken glass and sharp rocks.


Does your canine buddy tend to lunge after cats, squirrels, or even lizards? This can be a dangerous habit, particularly with bigger dogs. Whenever Fido pulls on the leash, immediately change direction. He’ll get the hint sooner or later!

Night Walks

Walking Fido after dark, bring a cellphone with you, and stick to safe, brightly-lit routes. Also, try not to be out too long.


Do you sometimes run out of baggies on your walks? Keep extras stashed in various spots around your home. Those decorative rocks and plant pots with hidden compartments are great for this!

Doggo On The Go

Dogs love exploring new places. Take Fido to some of our local parks or trails sometimes, and let him sniff different grass sometimes.

Summer Schedule

Try to limit your pup’s outdoor time on really hot days. Walk Fido in the mornings or after it rains, when it isn’t quite so hot out.

Being Prepared

Designate a bag—or, in winter, a light jacket—for dog-walking. Keep keys, a portable phone charger, ear buds, waste baggies, a flashlight, sunglasses, and anything else you may need in it. That way, you only have to grab one thing.


Speaking of ear buds, do you listen to music or podcasts when walking Fido? Don’t turn the sound up too much! You need to be able to hear things like shouting, brakes, or barking dogs.

Please contact us, your Lakewood Ranch, FL vet clinic, for all of your pup’s veterinary care needs. We’re here to help!

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