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Celebrating National Cat Day With the Kids

October 15, 2020

There’s a very cute holiday coming up. October 16th is National Cat Day! Of course, if you were to ask Fluffy, she’d likely tell you that kitties should be celebrated every day, and she wouldn’t be wrong. Our feline friends may be small, but they fill our lives with lots of love and laughter. They’re also great companions and cuddle buddies for kids! In fact, why not let your little ones join in the fun? A Sarasota, FL vet offers some child-friendly options for celebrating National Cat Day below.


One great option is to have your youngsters draw a picture of their furry pal, or write a poem about her. This may very well end up being a cherished memento! 

Homemade Toys

Kitties love to be pampered. Fortunately for us, they really don’t have expensive tastes. Fluffy will be perfectly content with a homemade bed. This is easy to do: just add soft pillows or blankets to a box or wicker basket. You can also make your cat some hand-sewn catnip mice, or make her a pet tent. Another option is to make your furry friend her own box castle. 


Our feline companions are always adorable, but they’re extra cute when they are running around and trying to conquer a catnip mouse or fuzzy squirrel toy. Have the kids take a few minutes to play with Fluffy. This is a great daily habit to get into!

Photo Session

You really can never have too many adorable photos of your kids or pets. Snap some pictures of your little ones with their feline buddy. Then, try different editing programs to experiment with different effects and washes. 


A yummy treat is always a great way to brighten up Fluffy’s day. Just be sure to stick with safe, suitable options. Plain, canned tuna, chicken, or crabmeat in water is a good bet. You can also offer your pet store-bought treats.

Kitty Movies

Fluffy is just as amusing onscreen as she is in real life. Settle in with the kiddos, and pick out a movie that stars—or at least features—a cat. A Whisker Away, The Secret Life of Pets, the child’s movie Cats , and the Garfield and Shrek movies are all ‘purrfect’ options. 

Please contact us, your Sarasota, FL vet clinic, if ever we can be of assistance. We’re here to help!