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5 Purrfect Reasons to Get Your Cat Fixed

February 1, 2021

Did you know that February is Beat The Heat Month? We know, here in Florida it seems like every month could be Beat The Heat Month. However, this isn’t about temperature heat: it’s about stopping pets from going into heat … by getting them fixed. If your feline pal hasn’t had this procedure done yet, we strongly advise you to schedule it surgery right away. A Sarasota, FL vet lists some reasons why below.

Prevent Unwanted Litters

First and foremost, getting your feline friend spayed or neutered will help promote good animal welfare. As you may know, pet overpopulation is a huge issue, and one that just keeps growing worse. A single pair of kitties can have a whopping 2,072,054 descendants in just eight years. While that sounds like an adorable problem to have, it’s actually very sad. There are already far too many sweet cats out there on the streets or in shelters. Unfortunately, this leads in heartbreaking high euthanasia rates. Don’t let Fluffy add to the issue by having unwanted litters!

Reduce Risks Of Certain Health Issues

While there’s no way to guarantee that Fluffy will never develop health problems. However, getting her fixed will reduce or eliminate the risks of her getting specific ones, such as certain cancers. In fact, spaying and neutering generally extends pets’ life spans. Ask your vet for more information about the health benefits of getting your furball fixed.

Reduce or Eliminate Spaying

This is a big one. Unfixed cats sometimes spray to mark their territory. That’s definitely an issue that no one wants to deal with! Getting your furry friend fixed often puts the brakes on this bad habit.

Fewer Escape Attempts

If your furball has been fixed, she’ll be less likely to want to go roaming around looking for love. This is very important! Kitties are much safer staying indoors, where they are safe from things like cars, weather, gators, heat, and other hazards.

No Caterwauling

Have you ever heard Fluffy’s amorous love songs? Apparently, other kitties actually think this actually sounds good. We beg to differ. In fact, being spared your feline buddy’s yowls and wails is probably reason enough in and of itself to make the appointment.

Do you need to schedule spay or neuter surgery for your furry pal? Call us, your local Sarasota, FL veterinary clinic, today!

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