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Frozen Cat Treats

May 15, 2021

Does your fel ine pal like treats? While dogs tend to be very enthusiastic about snacks, cats can be more reserved. Some kitties will help themselves to anything within paws’ reach, including things like pizza, muffins, and donuts … none of which are good for them. Other furballs will turn their noses up at most treats. Regardless of which end of the spectrum your pet falls under, it’s worth your while to try giving her a few different things. And, with summer coming fast, this is the purrfect time to find out if Fluffy likes cold treats. In this article, a local Lakewood Ranch, FL vet lists some things your kitty might like.

Cold As Ice

Sometimes it pays to keep it simple. Drop an ice cube into Fluffy’s bowl. You can also put one on the floor for her. Kitties often enjoy batting these around on hot days. If your furry pal decides to eat it, that’s fine, too!

Tuna Sno-Cone

Get some crushed or shaved ice, and dribble some tuna and tuna juice over it. Just be sure to only use tuna that was stored in water: oils aren’t safe for Fluffy. You can also mix the tuna, juice, and ice in a blender for your kitty.

Squeeze Treat

You may have seen cat treats that come in tubes or pouches. Pop one of these into the freezer for your feline buddy. Voila! 

Sodium-Free Broth

Sodium-free broth is actually a great treat for cats. It contains electrolytes, which help keep Fluffy hydrated. Pour some into an ice cube tray and freeze overnight. Give your kitty one or two to see if she likes it. You can also give your furball a bowl of chilled broth.

Cold Treats

Try keeping some of Fluffy’s canned food in the freezer. Take it out of the can, and divide it into small portions first. Put it into an ice cube tray or a mold made just for kitty treats. If it’s a pate, mix it with water in a blender first. 

Homemade Snacks

Combine canned tuna, crabmeat, chicken, turkey, or boneless salmon with plain fat-free yogurt, a little water, and a sprinkle of parsley. Divide into small portions and freeze. These make great snacks for Her Furry Majesty! 

Do you have questions about your feline friend’s health, diet or care? Contact us, your local Lakewood Ranch, FL veterinary clinic, today!