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Hurricane Season Pet Preparation Tips

August 1, 2021

We’re well into hurricane season now. At this time of year, many Floridians are used to seeing those ominous blobs on the map, and watching carefully as spaghetti charts or cone models develop. There aren’t many good things about hurricanes, but at least we do know when they’re coming. However, it’s really a good idea to have some things ready in advance. A Fort Myers, FL vet offers some hurricane pet preparation tips in this article.

 Bug-Out Bag

Have a bag ready for your pet, in case you need to evacuate. You’ll want to include food, toys, treats, bedding, a leash and collar, waste baggies or a litterbox and litter, a tie-out line, dishes, toys, grooming supplies, a first-aid kit, and any medications your pet takes. Collapsible dishes are a good choice, as they are easy to carry. Paw balm and a cooling vest are also helpful, in case you have to stand outside. If you don’t have a cooling vest for your dog, include a bandana. You can soak it with water and hang it around his neck to cool him down.


If you do need to go somewhere, you’ll need to keep your pet crated for the journey. Take time to get your furry companion used to his crate before heading out on a long drive.


Many emergency shelters and hotels do allow pets. However, you’ll need to be able to provide proof that your furry buddy is current on his vaccines and parasite control. Keep copies of this paperwork with you. You can put hard copies in your glove box. Another option is to email copies to yourself. That way, you can access them online from anywhere.


As you may have noticed, the shelves get emptied pretty fast when there’s a hurricane on the way. Keep several days’ worth of food and water on hand, enough for both you and your pet. This is just a good idea even when there isn’t a hurricane on the way!


We can’t overstress how important it is to make sure your pet has been fixed and is wearing a microchip. If you and your furry friend are ever separated in a storm, that ID may be the only thing linking you together!

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