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Holistic Pet Care

August 15, 2021

National Holistic Pet Day is August 30th! Here at Sarasota Animal Medical Center, we are proud to offer holistic veterinary practices, such as acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, and ozone therapy. A Lakewood Ranch, FL local vet discusses holistic pet care below.

What Is Holistic Pet Care?

The key to understanding what holistic pet care is really lies in the word holistic itself. Holistic care does not focus on one organ, system, or body part; it addresses the body as a whole. It also emphasizes the importance of preventative care through wellness. When it comes to veterinary care, holistic approaches are very gentle, safe, and natural. They are also quite effective! 

It’s important to understand that one does not have to approach holistic care from an either/or mindset. It’s entirely possible—and actually, extremely beneficial—to combine both holistic and traditional care, giving your pet a customized care regimen that offers the best of both worlds.

Home Care

Why not approach your pet’s health and care needs from a holistic angle? One important facet of this is your pet’s diet. Opt for foods that use whole ingredients, and limit the use of chemical preservatives. Your vet can give you recommendations on what to look for. Relieving stress can also help. Take your dog for walks, and offer your kitty lots of relaxing spots to lounge about in. Dental care, clean water, and supplements can also help keep your furry bff happy and healthy.


There are many ways to incorporate more natural, eco-friendly products and practices into your life. Swap out your chemical cleaners for natural ones, and use reusable cloths instead of paper towels. Limiting your use of plastics will also help. Setting out some pet-safe plants will help clean your air and give your home a fresh, cozy feeling. Fresh air and exercise are also important.

Veterinary Care

Holistic products and practices are becoming quite popular in the world of veterinary medicine, and with good reason. Acupuncture has helped many stiff, sore pets regain mobility, reduce pain, and just generally enjoy a better quality of life. Chinese herbal medicine offers a very safe and gentle option for a variety of conditions, and is a great choice for pets that cannot take certain drugs. Ask your vet for more information.

Do you want to learn more about holistic veterinary care? Contact us, your Lakewood Ranch, FL animal clinic!