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Fostering Pets

May 1, 2022

May is National Foster Care Month! While the main focus here is on fostering children, this topic also applies to pets. Many of our patients were fosters at one point! There are always shelters looking for fosters. If you’re an animal lover, you may want to consider giving it a try. This could be a very rewarding and educational experience! That said, there are some things to think about. A Sarasota, FL vet lists some of the key ones below.


Some organizations may provide part or all of what you need, but many rely on fosters to provide the necessary supplies. Some of the things you would need would be dishes, a crate or carrier, bedding, grooming supplies, toys, treats, and a pet first-aid kit. Kitties also need a litterbox and litter. The pet’s age is a factor when choosing some of these items. For instance, you shouldn’t use a clumping litter with kittens.

Kitten/Puppy Care

Are you considering fostering baby animals? If so, you would likely need some additional supplies. A heating pad or hot water bottle may be necessary for chilly nights. You may also need a scale, some enzyme cleaner, and, of course, plenty of toys. Be prepared to offer lots of love and cuddles! Foster parents often help with socialization and training, which are crucial to Fido and

Fluffy’s development.

Letting Go

This is a big one. It’s not always easy to say goodbye to a furry friend you’ve grown attached to. The fact that there are so many foster fails out there is proof of that! It can be bittersweet to let go. However, it’s also rewarding seeing a pet going off to their forever home, or perhaps going to a shelter to be placed for adoption. The main thing is to be honest with yourself. If you think this would be too hard, consider volunteering instead.


You don’t need a huge house to foster, though you may need to separate your fosters from your household pets, perhaps by keeping them in another room. However, you do need to consider your own furry friends, as well as your budget and schedule. Talk to local shelters about specifics. You may need to go through training and/or a home inspection. It never hurts to learn more! 

As your Sarasota, FL animal clinic, we’re dedicated to providing top-notch care. Call us anytime!