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Pets And Plants

May 15, 2022

Do you enjoy gardening? One of the best things about living in the Sunshine State is that we can enjoy lush, beautiful gardens all year long. Pets often enjoy peeking out from behind green leaves. Of course, Fluffy and Fido have both been known to nibble on plants. This can be quite dangerous … both for the pet and, of course, the plant. A Sarasota, FL vet discusses having both pets and plants in this article. 

Safe Plants

Make sure to only bring safe plants into your home. The ASPCA has a wonderful list on their website here. If you don’t exactly have a green thumb, you may find thick trees, such as Areca palms and Money trees, are a good bet, as these tend to be pretty easy keepers. Boston ferns, Spider plants, and peperomias are some popular houseplants that are safe. You can also grow certain flowers, such as African violets and many pretty orchids. Most culinary herbs are also fine. 

Unsafe Plants

While many plants are unsafe for our furry friends, there are a few that are particularly toxic. Sago palms are at the top of that list for dogs. Unfortunately, these are quite popular in landscaping. If you have some on your property and you want to get rid of them, you’ll need to remove the whole thing. Lilies are also very dangerous. In fact, they can be fatal to cats. Even drinking a little of the water could make Fluffy sick. Some other unsafe plants include pothos, oleanders, and cala lilies. These are all members of the Aracae family, and they all have tiny crystals that can seriously burn and irritate pets’ mouths, throats, and stomachs.

Other Considerations

Toxicity isn’t the only concern when it comes to pets and plants. Even plants that are normally safe can become dangerous if they are treated with fertilizers or fungicides. Others may have sharp thorns that can be hazardous. Pets can even choke on dead leaves! You’ll also need to be careful about how you arrange things. There’s always a possibility that pets could knock or pull something heavy pots onto themselves. Put larger pots on the floor or on very secure holders. Finally, keep in mind that many plants have several different names. Be thorough when checking!

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