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Fun Facts About The Greyhound

June 1, 2022

Greyhound Appreciation Day is June 2nd! We’re happy to turn the spotlight on these sweet, intelligent pup! A Sarasota, FL vet offers some interesting facts about Greyhounds in this article.

Fastest Pup Ever

You probably know that Greyhounds are quite fast. However, Fido’s actual top speed may surprise you. These dogs can reach up to 45mph!

A Longtime Friend

Fido has been at our side for quite some time. The ancient Roman poet Ovid mentioned Greyhounds. They were also depicted in tapestries that date back to the 9th century.

Chemical Sensitivity

Greyhounds are very sensitive to chemicals. Even mild exposure to things like pesticides or cleaning products can make Fido very sick!

Sport Of Queens

Ever wonder why Greyhound racing was sometimes called the sport of queens? The fact that the sport was beloved by both Elizabeth 1 of England and Cleopatra may have something to do with it.

They Need Special Collars

Because Greyhounds have such small heads, they can easily slip out of regular collars. Fido will need a special collar, called a martingale. Keep a good grip on your pooch, especially when walking him along the side of a road. Greyhounds are not very traffic-savvy.


Greyhounds tend to get chilly easily. When we get those cool snaps, Fido will probably want to curl up under a blanket.

Two Gears

You might think that a racing dog would always be set to ’11’ but this isn’t actually the case. Fido does need a few vigorous walks or runs each day. However, in between those workouts, he’ll probably spend most of his time napping. Greyhounds have two speeds: full speed and full stop.


Greyhounds are sighthounds, which mean they track their prey visually rather than by scent. Other sighthounds include the Whippet, Chortai, and Italian Greyhound. 


Although Greyhounds are known as racing dogs, that isn’t Fido’s only career path. Greyhounds actually can make wonderful service dogs! You can read the story of Comet, a former race dog who became an exceptional service dog, in the book Comet’s Tail.

Unique Physiology

Greyhounds have unique body chemistry. For instance, their platelet counts are naturally lower than those of other pups. They also don’t tolerate anesthesia well. If you adopt Fido, you’ll need a vet that’s familiar with Greyhounds.

Do you have questions about caring for greyhounds? Contact us, your Sarasota, FL animal clinic!

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