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Reasons To Love Mutts

July 15, 2022

National Mutt Day is coming up July 31st. It’s also celebrated on December 2nd, but that’s fine with us. Mutts need as much love and PR as they can get! A local Sarasota, FL vet lists a few reasons to celebrate mutts in this article.

One In A Million

When you get a purebred, there’s a pretty good chance that your canine pal is going to look quite a bit like many other dogs of that same breed. With mixed breeds, however, you often find super unique and adorable combinations of traits. Fido may have floppy Beagle ears and a curly Akita tail, or he may look like a short, stretched out German Shepherd. Either way, he won’t look like any other pooch on the planet!

Health Benefits

This is one area where mutts really do have an advantage. Purebreds do tend to be vulnerable to certain health issues. Because mutts come from a more varied gene pool, they have reduced risks of having certain illness and congenital issues. Brachycephalic pets are a good example of this: Yes, those pushed-in faces are really cute, but they also cause all sorts of respiratory issues. 

Wallet Friendly

There’s a lot to be said for purebred pups. Many of them are absolutely gorgeous. They also are quite expensive! Mutts are definitely a much easier option as far as economics go.


Breed can be a good indication of doggy personality. For instance, if you get a Golden Retriever, you’re likely getting a cheerful, goofy piece of sunshine on four paws. If you want an English Bulldog, your pooch will probably be a stoic, gentle couch potato. Mutts all have their own personalities, which is one reason they’re so much fun.

Plenty To Choose From

If you want to get a pooch that is a certain breed, you may have to wait months—or even years—to get your canine buddy from a breeder. That definitely is not the case with mutts! The vast majority of the dogs you will find in shelters, and often in local ads, are mixed breeds. That means you have lots of adorable furry faces to choose from.

Animal Welfare

Another reason to love mutts? When you adopt Fido, you know that you aren’t lining the pockets of a heartless puppy mill breeder.

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