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Disaster Prep For Senior Pets

September 1, 2022
The end of summer means two things here in the Sunshine State: a respite from those sweltering, sticky temperatures … and hurricane season. Storms can be especially scary and challenging to older animals. A Sarasota, FL vet offers some disaster preparation tips for senior pets below.


We recommend having a few weeks’ worth of critical supplies on hand. That should include food, water, toys, treats, dishes, and a first-aid kit. If your furry pal takes any kind of medication or supplements, include that as well.

Medical Records

Keeping copies of your animal companion’s medical records is very important. If you have to evacuate, you may need to show proof that your fuzzy friend is current on their vaccines and parasite control. (Tip: upload digital copies of them to a cloud drive, or email them to yourself, so you can access them from anywhere.)

Special Needs

Is Fluffy or Fido blind or hard of hearing? You may want to get them a harness or vest with a little sign or tag that mentions this. This can be very helpful in a shelter environment!

Cooling Vests

Older pets have a much harder time dealing with extreme heat than their younger counterparts. That’s definitely something to keep in mind here in Florida! Freeze some towels or gel packs for your furry friend’s bed. You may want to include cooling vests. Some of these you keep in the freezer. Of course, that won’t be very helpful if the power goes out. You can also get some that you just soak with water. Or, for a quick DIY option, wet a bandana and tie it around Fido’s neck.


Pets in their senior years often get very stiff and sore, and will really have a hard time getting comfortable on the floor. Consider getting an inflatable bed. These are often sold as camping supplies. If you’re getting one for Fluffy, get a thick cover as well.

Potty Supplies

If you have a kitty, you’ll need to pack litter and a litterbox for your furry friend if evacuating with her. As for Fido, you may want to include puppy pads or diapers if he has issues with incontinence. Pet wipes and cleaning supplies are also good things to have on hand. Do you have questions about your pet’s health or care? Contact us, your local Sarasota, FL animal clinic, today!