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Cute Ways To Celebrate Meow Like A Pirate Day

September 15, 2022
There’s a fun holiday coming up that is very relevant to Bay Area kitties: September 19th is Meow Like A Pirate Day! As you may have noticed, we have a long history with pirates in this area, which we celebrate with events like Gasparilla. Our feline friends are more than happy to help us recognize this special occasion! Read on as a local Sarasota, FL vet offers a few suggestions on how to honor this kitty holiday.

Box Ship

If you’ve gotten products delivered lately, you probably have some boxes around. Make them into a pirate ship for your furry little landlubber to look adorable on! This one can be a really cute rainy day project for kids.

Photo Session

Cats are always photogenic. Fluffy almost can’t take a bad photo. This special occasion offers lots of opportunities for staging. Put a small Bucs flag behind your kitty, or snap her photo with a cute pirate hat and some Gasparilla beads. Just make sure she can’t hurt or entangle herself on the process


It’s important for kitties to have toys, for enrichment and stimulation. Pick up a few on-theme ones for your pet. (A catnip parrot would not be inappropriate.)


As one could expect, fish probably wasn’t an unusual meal for pirates. Fluffy is definitely happy to get on board with a seafood fest. Most kinds of fish and seafood are fine: you’ll just need to remove the skin, bones, and fat.

Jolly Roger Bed

You don’t have to go too crazy here to get into the spirit. Get a cute Jolly Roger throw blanket for Fluffy’s bed!

Special Beverages

Rum may be the classic pirate drink, but it definitely isn’t the only option. You can enjoy an iced tea, lemonade, or anything else you like. As for Fluffy, she may appreciate some sodium-free broth. Just don’t give your feline pal any rum: alcohol is not safe for kitties, even in small amounts.

Movie Choices

Many cats love to snuggle up with their owners for TV time. The Pirates Of The Caribbean franchise is still a fun watch. There are also plenty of others to choose from, including Neverland and Puss N Boots, to name just a few. As your local Sarasota, FL animal clinic, we’re dedicated to offering top-notch veterinary care. Please feel free to contact us anytime.
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