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Sarasota Holiday Pet Care Tips

December 1, 2022
The holidays are officially here! This time of year can be just as fun for pets as it is for us. However, the holidays can also be quite dangerous for our furry pals. A local Sarasota, FL vet offers some advice on holiday pet care in this article. 

Decorate Carefully

Anything small or sharp is a potential hazard for our four-legged pals. Unfortunately, many holiday decorations fall into those categories. The no-no list includes tinsel, ornament hooks, pine needles, manger pieces, and fragile ornaments. Ribbons, garlands, and tinsel are all choking and entanglement hazards, as are light strands, which also pose a risk of shock or even electrocution. Many popular seasonal plants, such as poinsettias, mistletoe, holly, and ivy, are also unsafe. Ask your vet for specific advice.

Protect Pets From Stress 

Our animal companions can get anxious and unsettled by any major changes to their routines or environments. Guests, parties, travel, being boarded, and even decorations can all be sources of stress for Fido and Fluffy. Pay some extra attention to your four-legged friend. If you’re having people over, or are just expecting a lot of noise from the neighbors, give your pet a comfy, quiet spot to relax in.  

Be Cautious With Food

There’s nothing wrong with giving your furry friend something special. Just stick to things you know are safe, such as plain, cooked meat, fish, or poultry, without the skin, bones, or fat. The list of dangerous foods includes garlic, onions, scallions, and chives; grapes, currants, and raisins; meat on the bone; raw dough or yeast; chocolate; nuts; alcohol; and anything that contains xylitol and/or a lot of salt, sugar, or fat. Ask your vet for more information.

Catproof The Tree (Sort of)

It’s pretty well known that cats just can’t resist Christmas trees. This is one area where Fluffy is pretty much hardwired for mischief. Don’t put a lot of shiny or breakable objects on the bottom of the tree. The only things within reach of those cute paws should be a few sturdy, unbreakable items. Put the majority of your decorations, including anything small or sharp, on the top. You may also have some luck with simply distracting your frisky feline. Give her a few new toys, or even a cat tower. Happy Holidays from all of us here at your Sarasota, FL veterinary clinic. Contact us anytime!