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Older dog getting a check up

Digital Radiology

Digital radiology is an advanced diagnostic imaging tool used to examine your pet’s organs. This includes his or her cardiopulmonary, gastrointestinal, reproductive, and urinary systems. X-ray is a non-invasive procedure that allows our veterinarians to get an in-depth look at your pet from the inside. At Sarasota Animal Medical Center, our state-of-the-art digital radiology equipment allows us to diagnose such conditions as fractures, joint abnormalities and intervertebral disc disease, as well as abnormalities in the internal organs.

There are a number of benefits of digital radiology compared to traditional film radiology

Digital x-rays produce a much higher image quality compared to a traditional film x-ray, and the digital technology provides us with instant access to your pet’s results. This enables us to diagnose and treat your pet faster, so he or she can return home as quickly as possible. Radiation exposure is also minimized, since digital radiology requires less radiation compared to film x-rays. Digital radiology is also friendly for the environment because there are no chemicals used to process the films.

Digital Dental Radiology

Digital x-rays can also be used to take digital photos of your pet’s teeth and gums during his or her dental exam. In addition to a comprehensive external evaluation, digital dental x-rays can reveal dental diseases that are difficult to detect with an oral exam alone. Digital x-rays provide the ability to examine the anatomy of your pet’s teeth, roots, gums, and surrounding bones. With this technology, our veterinarians can quickly spot and diagnose bone loss or hidden disease that may be present. Because hidden dental disease is often painful, we recommend annual full mouth radiographs on all pets two years of age and older.

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