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Nutritional Counseling

Each pet has his or her own unique nutritional requirements. Determining which food is most appropriate can be difficult, especially since your pet’s needs will change over time. That’s why at each wellness exam, the doctor will discuss pet nutrition and which foods are best suited to your pet’s current needs.

It’s very important that your animal companion is receiving the best quality food to maintain good health. We believe that the best food for adult dogs and cats is a raw diet. There are many good commercial raw diets available now and there are also good premixes available so that you can make your own complete diet. We do not recommend making your own raw food without consulting with a knowledgeable veterinarian or veterinary nutritionist. We have a list for our clients containing the foods that we recommend, which we continuously update.

Even with a raw diet, too much of a good thing could result in unwanted consequences, so portion control is equally important. Obesity can lead to everything from arthritis to respiratory and heart disease. It is also the number one cause of feline diabetes. We will evaluate your pet to ensure that he or she maintains a healthy weight and remains in good physical condition.

Treating Conditions and Diseases

Altering a pet’s diet in response to food allergies makes sense, but it could also benefit pets with inhalant allergies. In fact, diet plays a key role in the treatment of many pet health conditions and diseases. This includes everything from kidney, liver, and heart disease to cancer, and urinary disorders, such as bladder stones. Our knowledgeable staff can help you determine which diet is best, based on your pet’s age and condition.

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