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We want to hear from you! Our goal is to consistently deliver the best available patient care and exceptional client service, and your valuable feedback helps us to both achieve that goal and to communicate the value of our services to others. Please also consider leaving feedback about your experience here so that others may learn more about the quality of our care. We appreciate it!

“In January 2010, the only option for my Golden was radiation treatments in Tampa for his mast cell tumor. (post op his sutures could not be removed because the tumors were growing too rapidly and would burst through the stitches) In preparation for the worst case scenario, I had previously read about such treatment and decided I could not put my senior dog through such a rigorous routine as he is too sensitive.

As I watched him play in our backyard with his chewed up soccer ball, I realized I could not give up on him as there was too much life left in him. That’s where my story begins, I will try to keep it brief. I read everything I could on home remedies etc. online. I did follow the ‘budwig’ diet for several months. I treated his suture site with vitamin E oil and prayed for healing. CJ now has a gray scar where the tumors were trying to burst forth. I also went to Holistic Pet Foods on SR 70 where I met Elizabeth and she recommended a raw, grain free, diet as well as seeing Dr. Anne Luther in Sarasota who is a holistic vet. (She is a God send when it comes to treating pets)
When Dr. Luther met CJ and examined him, she said, ‘There is no reason for this dog to die.’ He was treated with an injection into the mast cell site with Neoplasene. He has been on oral Neopasene and will continue for the rest of his days. Dr. Luther also suggested a Chinese herb formula, as well as immune support. She agreed with Elizabeth regarding the healthy diet. I also will no longer give my boys unnecessary vaccines.

Dr. Luther started out as a traditional vet. When she ran out of options treating animals, her staff suggested she send her clients to a holistic vet in the town where she then practiced. She said every time she did, the animals got better. This led her to further her knowledge of the holistic field and begin a holistic practice herself. I had nothing to lose and everything to gain, and thus far I have gained 16 more months with my boy. He will be 12 in July.
I am thankful for more time with my CJ.”

Donna Laine and “CJ”

“Copper wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for acupuncture.
My 18 year old Cockapoo, Copper, began receiving acupuncture treatments five or six years ago. He was having spasms in his hind end so my veterinarian in Indiana sent me to a veterinary specialist. The specialist wanted to do experimental surgery on him. I didn’t want to do that so I asked my regular veterinarian what other options I had and they recommended acupuncture. The spasms resolved with acupuncture and he is still doing well with regular acupuncture treatments.

When I first started seeing Dr. Anne Luther 3 years ago, Copper was on numerous medications for his heart. These medications had caused him to go into kidney failure. Dr. Luther recommended a cardiac ultrasound to evaluate the heart function. It was found that he really didn’t need to be on those drugs so she weaned him off of them. Instead he was placed on supplements for his heart which naturally help the heart function. He continues to do well and still doesn’t need to take any heart medications.

Copper also has Cushing’s Disease and he is doing very well on the medication. Dr. Luther was able to reduce his dose of medication by half, in order to avoid side effects, and he is still very well controlled with regular acupuncture treatments and holistic supplements.
Before we moved to Sarasota 3 years ago, I looked for a holistic vet before I even looked for doctors for myself and my family. I know that the acupuncture, herbs, and homeopathic treatments Copper has received have lengthened his life and improved the quality of his life. We think Dr. Luther and her staff are wonderful and I refer everyone to her.”

Tina Watkins and “Cooper”