Geriatric Medicine

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Is your pet getting older? Let us help your loved one enjoy his or her golden years in comfort and good health.

Thanks to many advancements in veterinary medicine, our animal family members are now able to enjoy much longer lives. At Sarasota Animal Medical Center, our goal is to make those extra years as happy and fulfilling as possible. That’s why we offer geriatric medicine as part of our comprehensive suite of services. 

As pets age, their health care needs also evolve. This is especially the case when a pet reaches the senior years. According to the AVMA, this generally occurs around the age of 7 but can start as early as age 5 in larger breeds.

To address the changes your senior pet may be experiencing, it’s important that he or she receives regular physical exams and health screenings. This allows us to catch the signs of common age-related ailments early so they can be treated and managed right away.

Some of the services we provide to extend and improve the quality of life of our geriatric patients include:

  • Bi-annual senior wellness checkups
  • Diagnostic tests (blood panels, urinalysis, x-rays, etc.)
  • Nutrition
  • Dental care
  • Pain management

Your senior pets bring so much joy to your life. The team at Sarasota Animal Medical Center would love to work with you to make those precious golden years even better for you both. Contact us today to schedule your pet’s next senior consultation today!

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