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St. Pawtrick’s Day With Fido

St. Patrick’s Day is coming up quick! While this may not be an official—or even unofficial—pet holiday, there’s no reason not to have some fun celebrating with your furry friend. After all, St. Patrick was a big fan of Fido’s!…

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Pet Poison Awareness 

March is Poison Prevention Awareness Month. This is a pretty important topic for people with pets. Poisonings are one of the most common types of pet emergencies. Unfortunately, those numbers are on the rise. To look at some fairly recent…

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Canine Flu

Did you know that there is a dog flu outbreak raging at the moment? Fido’s version of the flu can affect him much the way that influenza viruses affect us. A Lakewood Ranch, FL veterinarian discusses the dog flu in…

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Brown Dog Day

Tomorrow, February 2nd, is Brown Dog Day! It’s also Groundhog Day, but fortunately us Floridians don’t have to worry about how long winter is going to last. We love pups of all colors, and think Fido looks cute in long,…

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Helping Your Kitten Settle In

Will a new kitten be joining your household soon? Congratulations! Our feline friends are always cute, but they’re almost impossibly adorable when they are young. Of course, kittens are very fragile, and can easily feel frightened. Going to a new…

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Getting Fit With Fido

Happy New Year! Have you made fitness your goal for 2023? Your canine buddy will definitely be in your corner as you strive to meet your goals. Actually, Fido is a pretty good workout buddy. A local Lakewood Ranch, FL…

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Shelter dogs in the neighborhood

Ways To Help Homeless Pets This Season

Season’s Greetings! This time of year is the season of giving, as many people try to do what they can to help out their favorite charities. There are many wonderful ones out there doing all they can to help animals….

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Brown hairy dog wearing a reindeer hat and a black cat wearing a santa hat

Sarasota Holiday Pet Care Tips

The holidays are officially here! This time of year can be just as fun for pets as it is for us. However, the holidays can also be quite dangerous for our furry pals. A local Sarasota, FL vet offers some…

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Manatee Awareness Month

November is Manatee Awareness Month. While we of course are usually focused on pets, we also do care very much about local wildlife. Manatees—or sea cows—are one of the Sunshine State’s most beloved icons. We’re happy to help spread awareness…

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Brown dog with orange ribbon inside a cage

After The Storm: PTSD In Dogs

Although it’s been over a month since Hurricane Ian made landfall, the effects of the devastating storm are still very visible, and will take a long time to recover from. Fierce storms are terrifying not just for people, but also…

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