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Brown hairy dog wearing a reindeer hat and a black cat wearing a santa hat

Sarasota Holiday Pet Care Tips

The holidays are officially here! This time of year can be just as fun for pets as it is for us. However, the holidays can also be quite dangerous for our furry pals. A local Sarasota, FL vet offers some…

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Manatee Awareness Month

November is Manatee Awareness Month. While we of course are usually focused on pets, we also do care very much about local wildlife. Manatees—or sea cows—are one of the Sunshine State’s most beloved icons. We’re happy to help spread awareness…

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Brown dog with orange ribbon inside a cage

After The Storm: PTSD In Dogs

Although it’s been over a month since Hurricane Ian made landfall, the effects of the devastating storm are still very visible, and will take a long time to recover from. Fierce storms are terrifying not just for people, but also…

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Brown tabby cat sitting on brown wood

Feral Cat Day

Feral Cat Day is tomorrow, October 16th! While there’s no way to get an exact count, estimates put the number of feral kitties here in the US at up to 70 million. That’s a lot of kitties out there fending…

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Bulldog on a white pet bed with gray couch on the back

Choosing Pet Beds

Did you know that cats spend about two thirds of their lives sleeping? Dogs aren’t far behind: our canine companions spend about half of their time snoozing. Making sure your furry pal has a comfy bed to curl up (or…

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Two adult dogs sitting and playing on yard under some trees

Disaster Prep For Senior Pets

The end of summer means two things here in the Sunshine State: a respite from those sweltering, sticky temperatures … and hurricane season. Storms can be especially scary and challenging to older animals. A Sarasota, FL vet offers some disaster…

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Brownish patch Odie dog laying silly upside

Holistic Pet Care Day To-Do List

August 30th is Holistic Pet Care Day. We’re more than happy to get onboard with celebrating this one. Holistic living can be just as beneficial for pets as it is for people! This is also something that you can start…

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Reasons To Love Mutts

National Mutt Day is coming up July 31st. It’s also celebrated on December 2nd, but that’s fine with us. Mutts need as much love and PR as they can get! A local Sarasota, FL vet lists a few reasons to…

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